Ten Minutes With: Peter Richardson from Wren Bikes

Graphic designer Pete Richardson designed the Wren bike for his girlfriend, Jenny (Wren, obviously), who was frustrated by unwieldy and oversized city bikes. Launched last year, the Wren bike is a small wheeled bicycle that doesn’t compromise on design or ride quality and is built to last. A new cycling classic.

And Peter is an in-demand sort of chap: the Wren bike has been raved about in Elle Decoration and The New York Times (as well as on the LLUSTRE Journal, of course).

The Wren bike is perfect for city cycling: lightweight, with three gears, puncture-resistant tyres and brake mechanisms to keep maintenance to a minimum. Plus it looks beautiful. Yep, toss the travelcard in the bin. Cycling is the future.

We spent ten minutes with Peter Richardson, to learn a little about his work, inspiration and Robocop. Yep. This one comes with Robocop.

I MAKE: bicycles, lovely bicycles.

I GREW UP: riding bicycles between YHAs in the Lake District

MY WORK IS SPECIAL BECAUSE: it’s well thought out and has purpose. All my design ideas come from experience rather quick-fire concepts.

enjoy some peace and quiet. I KNEW I WANTED TO DO THIS WHEN: I couldn’t find a bike for my girlfriend and I knew there were others like her who were experiencing the same issues with bikes that were either too big, fell apart too easily or were a money-pit to maintain. I’d spent the past 5 years renovating bikes so I knew the problems inside-out. I planned the design while cycling in eastern Europe and put pen to paper in my return. 

EVERY DAY I: quote at least one line from Robocop.

I WISH ID DESIGNED: the YSL logo – but the one for Wren seems to be going down well. 

I AM INSPIRED BY: living history.

IN FIVE YEARS I WILL BE: nearer fifty than twenty.


Considerate, particularerr [brill? – Ed].

IM CURRENTLY WORKING ON: the next bicycle!

THE BEST THING ABOUT MY JOB IS: receiving positive feedback.

IF I DIDNT DO THIS ID BE: drawing shapes on the computer.

MY MOST TREASURED POSSESSION IS: a large and varied collection of mid-20th century beer glasses.

THE FIRST THING I REMEMBER MAKING IS: a Lego spacecraft, of course.

NOBODY KNOWS THAT I: don’t actually speak French.

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