Ten Minutes With: Laura Seaby


Laura Seabys prints won’t fail to cheer you up: she incorporates typography, illustrations, and stylised icons to create a collection that is intelligent, fun with just the right degree of nostalgia.

Everything is bright and graphics, not to mention instructive and informative: you can’t argue with a tea towel that tells you to Brew Up, or with prints that offer an A-Z of London’s or New York’s highlights.



We were lucky enough to grab ten minutes with Laura, where she told us a little about her ambitions, canine aspirations and how printing and design are in her blood.

I MAKE In my personal work, illustrations, prints, tea towels. By day I’m a packaging and product designer.

I GREW UP in Swansea in South Wales.

MY WORK IS SPECIAL BECAUSE hmm, really hard to say. One thing I try to do is vary the style of my artwork and try different illustration and print techniques. Laser-cut is next thing I’m keen to try.

I KNEW I WANTED TO DO THIS WHEN I was much younger and started creating things and people around me encouraged me, so I just kept doing it!

When I WORK I usually try and design with someone in mind. Many of my pieces have started out as presents for friends or family. My most recent print, The Sky is the Limit was designed for my new nephew Alfie. You Are Ace was designed with my poker-loving boyfriend in mind.

EVERY DAY I spend far too much time on the Internet or watching tv.

I WISH ID DESIGNED ooh blimey, loads of things! I’ve always admired the FedEx logo with its little-hidden arrow.

I AM INSPIRED BY my family has had a background of printmaking for a few generations – I’m certain growing up in a house filled with prints and helping my Dad with printmaking is what has inspired me to produce prints of my own.

IN FIVE YEARS Id love to build a studio/office in the garden complete with various printing presses and a much longed-for dog.

I WOULDNT BE ABLE TO DO THIS WITHOUT probably the support of Keep Calm Gallery. They were the first place to stock my prints and have been a massive help to me ever since. As a new designer, getting your work out there and seen by people can be tricky so working with an established gallery has been great for me.


IM CURRENTLY WORKING ON a few new prints (a children’s one and a new A to Z), my wedding invites, and making very slow progress on a children’s book idea.

THE BEST THING ABOUT MY JOB IS I love buying prints my house is filled with them. It’s nice to think that people buying my designs might get the same pleasure from them as I do the ones on my walls. That’s a nice thing.

IF I DIDNT DO THIS ID BE probably an engineer/animator/zoological explorer.

MY MOST TREASURED POSSESSION IS probably my current sketchbook. It’s full of print ideas, sketches and plans for the future. I would honestly be a bit lost without it.

THE FIRST THING I REMEMBER MAKING IS snowflake decorations at Christmas. I slipped and stabbed the scissors through my finger and needed stitches which are no doubt why I remember it so well!

NOBODY KNOWS THAT I snooze my alarm for an hour and a half before I get out of bed every weekday.

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