Evaluate Your Option and Cost of Teeth Whitening

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Teeth are an important feature of body and a gleaming smile is a symbol of beauty and good oral health. Healthy and sparkling teeth make your smile bright and boost your confidence.

Dental hygiene is important and becomes more important when you cannot resist yourself by having junk food, beverages and so many things that cause damage and discoloration of your teeth. Everybody want sparkling teeth and therefore teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry have become an integral part of oral hygiene these days.

teeth whitening

This is the reason it has become popular around the world. Today everyone seems to be going for teeth whitening options to get a bright and bigger smile. If you are also planning to go for teeth whitening, then you must consult various dentists and friends first who have enough knowledge or experience.

Teeth Whitening Options

Before going for a dental whitening job, you need to evaluate all the options available in the market first and review all the facts related. This will help you select the best options that easily fits your budget.

To make evaluation easy for you we have come up with a consumer guide to dentistry on teeth whitening for you. It includes a comparison between the professional teeth whitening, in-house teeth whitening that covers all the benefits, disadvantage, and cost incurred in both the options.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is also known as In-Office Teeth Whitening. Trained dental professionals in dental offices perform it.

You have to choose among various alternatives through which you want your teeth whitening to be done.

Today number of whitening systems are practiced in dental offices. Some of the top brand names of the whitening systems that are used in Professional-teeth whitening offices these days are BriteSmile, Zoom! Chairside, Opalescence, LaserSmile, Lumibrite, NUPRO, Beyond etc.

You can check the price and reviews of all the aforementioned options.


  • Professionally done teeth whitening treatment always produce fastest results. Just in an hour, you get dramatic changes in the color of your teeth.
  • Tooth and gum sensitivity is more controlled now as low concentrated whitening products are used.
  • It is one of the safest forms of bleaching the teeth as it is done by trained professionals under the controlled conditions.
  • It is beneficial as it is customized and designed only for you.


  • Expensive- Professional Teeth whitening is not in the budget of every person. It is done by professionals and expensive whitening tools and kits are used.
  • Though tooth sensitivity and gum irritation are controlled, these two facts are still the biggest side effects.
  • It is not permanent and teeth resume the accumulating stains shortly after the treatments. So, this is not a permanent solution that you think you can get after spending so much money.

If you want a long lasting teeth bleaching solution, then you can go for teeth whitening by soothing dental.

Teeth Whitening at Home

Teeth Whitening at home is done with help of dentist-dispensed kits or by using over-the-counter whitening kits. It is not performed under the supervision of any professional or expert. It is performed with the help of various teeth whitening products such as teeth whitening trays & gels, strips, toothpaste etc.

Advantages of Teeth-whitening at Home

  • Long lasting results- It has been noticed that teeth whitening at home gives long-term results.
  • Convenience- It is a more convenient option than the other option. You do not have to take an appointment and you can whiten as per your convenience at any time for short or extended periods.
  • Variety- You get a variety of options when you are whitening at home. You can choose any of the whitening trays, paint-on products, strips etc. of choice as per your budget.
  • Portability- It is quite portable as you can use the whitening strips at the office or while on the go.
  • Cost- This is one of the biggest advantages that you get in teeth whitening at home. Where professional whitening costs you an average of $650 per session, in-house whitening costs just half of it. Here, you have a choice of using whitening products; you can either go for over-the-counter products that range from $20 to $100 or dentist-dispensed products that cost approximately $400.

Disadvantages of Teeth Whitening at Home

  • Though teeth whitening at home is economical and under budget, it is having some disadvantages too.
  • In-house bleaching is not that effective and fast as compared to in-office bleaching.
  • Wrong and misuse of whitening products can cause severe damage to oral cavity and teeth enamel.
  • Tooth sensitivity and gum irritation is always a side effect of teeth whitening whether performed at a dental office or house.

If you are going through teeth whitening, then you must stop all your bad eating habits and must use a good quality toothpaste during the procedure.

When we talk about toothpaste, technically all are teeth whitening toothpaste unless they remove plaque and debris. Coffee, cola, black tea, soda, wine, and all the other dark pigmented beverages are something to be avoided during the treatment for better results.

We will always recommend you to consult a dentist and an expert first before you whiten your teeth.

It is always good to evaluate the cost and check the review of all the teeth-whitening options and products before undergoing a treatment as it helps in providing better and long lasting results.

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