Evaluate Your Option and Cost of Teeth Whitening

Guest Post

Teeth are an important feature of body and a gleaming smile is a symbol of beauty and good oral health. Healthy and sparkling teeth make your smile bright and boost your confidence.

Dental hygiene is important and becomes more important when you cannot resist yourself by having junk food, beverages and so many things that cause damage and discoloration of your teeth. Everybody want sparkling teeth and therefore teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry have become an integral part of oral hygiene these days.

teeth whitening

This is the reason it has become popular around the world. Today everyone seems to be going for teeth whitening options to get a bright and bigger smile. If you are also planning to go for teeth whitening, then you must consult various dentists and friends first who have enough knowledge or experience.

Teeth Whitening Options

Before going for a dental whitening job, you need to evaluate all the options available in the market first and review all the facts related. This will help you select the best options that easily fits your budget.

To make evaluation easy for you we have come up with a consumer guide to dentistry on teeth whitening for you. It includes …

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My Friend’s House..!!!

Guest Post

My Friend’s House are two friends who live and work in South London. We love their blog, which tracks the renovation of their respective homes: design ideas, product choices and DIY trials and tribulations. It’s intriguing reading: both personal and authoritative, and full of lovely pictures. And now they’ve been kind enough to share a little of their extensive experience with us in a special guest post in the Journal about how to bust those final little renovation niggles.



They say that when you do up a house the last ten percent of the work just never gets done. The money or the energy runs out and those last little jobs, well, you just live with them. In the spirit of the My Friend’s House Real Reveal, here are the last, loathed jobs that we just can’t get done – and what we would do if only someone else would sort it out for us.


I’ve done the walls. Spent ages deciding on just the right grey, bought posh paint and did a good job. But I just can’t bring myself to do the woodwork. All that sanding. All that dust. All that …

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