Top Ten Teapots


Oh teapot. We’d like to give a cuppa and a biscuit to the visionary who came up with that little number. The only problem is, since its humble beginnings, rather a lot of incarnations (not to mention colours) have emerged. We couldn’t pick just one. So we picked ten.

We’ve done a lot of research. In fact, we’d consider ourselves experts in this field. Basing our judgements on function as well as form, we’ve whittled this selection down to our ten very favourite teapots. What do you think? If there are any you real treasures you think we should know about – let us know. We can always do with another cuppa.


Billy Lloyd has a calm, restrained aesthetic and his focus is on elegant forms that are designed to be used. His teapot is a beautiful piece of design, which the designer himself describes as the pinnacle of his range. Until we spoke to Billy, we didn’t know quite how difficult the teapot is to craft. We do now. Respect your teapots, people.

There is something irresistible about the simple but striking Forlife teapot. It seems like a friendly teapot, as teapots go. Plus it’s got hidden …

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