Health Benefits of Coffee: How Much Caffeine is too much?


Most of the people are always happy to listen that their regular cup of coffee is doing many more positive effect on human body rather than just helping keep them alert, awake at their office.  But you will surprise to listen that four cup of coffee per day can reduce the risk of melanoma of your body. In coffee you can find some disease fighting antioxidants which are good for human health.  You will get quinines, flavonoids which are helpful to human. It’s obvious that if you will take excess amount of coffee then it will put bad effects but if you will take it of necessary amount then you will get so many benefits from it. Now it’s a question ho w much cup of coffee is good? Let’s discuss about this briefly.

One to three cups per day:

If you will consume one to three cup of coffee then it will slightly raise your risk of high blood pressure. This result comes out by a research that, who drank less than one or more than 3 cups of coffee they are not facing any kind of high blood pressure risk. From another research it found that women who …

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