Ten Minutes With: Laura Seaby


Laura Seabys prints won’t fail to cheer you up: she incorporates typography, illustrations, and stylised icons to create a collection that is intelligent, fun with just the right degree of nostalgia.

Everything is bright and graphics, not to mention instructive and informative: you can’t argue with a tea towel that tells you to Brew Up, or with prints that offer an A-Z of London’s or New York’s highlights.



We were lucky enough to grab ten minutes with Laura, where she told us a little about her ambitions, canine aspirations and how printing and design are in her blood.

I MAKE In my personal work, illustrations, prints, tea towels. By day I’m a packaging and product designer.

I GREW UP in Swansea in South Wales.

MY WORK IS SPECIAL BECAUSE hmm, really hard to say. One thing I try to do is vary the style of my artwork and try different illustration and print techniques. Laser-cut is next thing I’m keen to try.

I KNEW I WANTED TO DO THIS WHEN I was much younger and started creating things and people around me encouraged me, so I just kept doing it!

When I WORK I usually try and design with …

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