Evaluate Your Option and Cost of Teeth Whitening

Guest Post

Teeth are an important feature of body and a gleaming smile is a symbol of beauty and good oral health. Healthy and sparkling teeth make your smile bright and boost your confidence.

Dental hygiene is important and becomes more important when you cannot resist yourself by having junk food, beverages and so many things that cause damage and discoloration of your teeth. Everybody want sparkling teeth and therefore teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry have become an integral part of oral hygiene these days.

teeth whitening

This is the reason it has become popular around the world. Today everyone seems to be going for teeth whitening options to get a bright and bigger smile. If you are also planning to go for teeth whitening, then you must consult various dentists and friends first who have enough knowledge or experience.

Teeth Whitening Options

Before going for a dental whitening job, you need to evaluate all the options available in the market first and review all the facts related. This will help you select the best options that easily fits your budget.

To make evaluation easy for you we have come up with a consumer guide to dentistry on teeth whitening for you. It includes …

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Increase Your Bench Press – But How?


It occurred to me the other day that we all arrive at the gym for a limited time. We got a life outside the gym and we need to get in there and out in time. We don’t live there (at least I don’t..hope you don’t either). So in that little time, we spend there (an hour or two) we need to get that thing called R-E-S-U-L-T-S. Are you with me? Good.

If we don’t get results we can measure and get them in a reasonable amount of time, we’ll be practically in the same place six months from now. Do you want that? I don’t. We could just as well stay home and watch TV. So how do I get frigging maximum results from my bench press workout?

You do not need a great deal for the gym. Find an open area in your own home or rental, a few weights, perhaps some floor coverings, and a bench for presses, rows, step-ups.

After doing some thinking and jotting down what came to mind, here’s my take on this:

  • I need to learn how to maximize the body’s natural testosterone and growth hormone production, so all the work I
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A Conversation With Billy Lloyd


Ceramicist Billy Lloyd’s work is beautifully understated. His interest in ceramics is borne from a fascination with form and functionality: he designs domestic scale objects, which are designed and made to be used. We met him in his studio to discuss his training, inspiration and growing range of products.

Billy’s Cockpit Arts studio is an expression of his style: very clean, very calm and very refined, and flooded with sunshine. The view, of Deptford’s industrial skyline, is one of which Lloyd is proud: he has lived and worked in South London since he moved from his home in Oxfordshire to study at Camberwell School of Art.


I studied art and design all the way up through school – we had a great art department, and I made my first pot when I was thirteen. After an Art Foundation course I studied Ceramics at Camberwell. I enjoyed the rigour of my BA and it encouraged the development of my aesthetic and conceptual approach. I hope my work has always had a coherency, but it …

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Top Ten Teapots


Oh teapot. We’d like to give a cuppa and a biscuit to the visionary who came up with that little number. The only problem is, since its humble beginnings, rather a lot of incarnations (not to mention colours) have emerged. We couldn’t pick just one. So we picked ten.

We’ve done a lot of research. In fact, we’d consider ourselves experts in this field. Basing our judgements on function as well as form, we’ve whittled this selection down to our ten very favourite teapots. What do you think? If there are any you real treasures you think we should know about – let us know. We can always do with another cuppa.


Billy Lloyd has a calm, restrained aesthetic and his focus is on elegant forms that are designed to be used. His teapot is a beautiful piece of design, which the designer himself describes as the pinnacle of his range. Until we spoke to Billy, we didn’t know quite how difficult the teapot is to craft. We do now. Respect your teapots, people.

There is something irresistible about the simple but striking Forlife teapot. It seems like a friendly teapot, as teapots go. Plus it’s got hidden …

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Health Benefits of Coffee: How Much Caffeine is too much?


Most of the people are always happy to listen that their regular cup of coffee is doing many more positive effect on human body rather than just helping keep them alert, awake at their office.  But you will surprise to listen that four cup of coffee per day can reduce the risk of melanoma of your body. In coffee you can find some disease fighting antioxidants which are good for human health.  You will get quinines, flavonoids which are helpful to human. It’s obvious that if you will take excess amount of coffee then it will put bad effects but if you will take it of necessary amount then you will get so many benefits from it. Now it’s a question ho w much cup of coffee is good? Let’s discuss about this briefly.

One to three cups per day:

If you will consume one to three cup of coffee then it will slightly raise your risk of high blood pressure. This result comes out by a research that, who drank less than one or more than 3 cups of coffee they are not facing any kind of high blood pressure risk. From another research it found that women who …

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My Friend’s House..!!!

Guest Post

My Friend’s House are two friends who live and work in South London. We love their blog, which tracks the renovation of their respective homes: design ideas, product choices and DIY trials and tribulations. It’s intriguing reading: both personal and authoritative, and full of lovely pictures. And now they’ve been kind enough to share a little of their extensive experience with us in a special guest post in the Journal about how to bust those final little renovation niggles.



They say that when you do up a house the last ten percent of the work just never gets done. The money or the energy runs out and those last little jobs, well, you just live with them. In the spirit of the My Friend’s House Real Reveal, here are the last, loathed jobs that we just can’t get done – and what we would do if only someone else would sort it out for us.


I’ve done the walls. Spent ages deciding on just the right grey, bought posh paint and did a good job. But I just can’t bring myself to do the woodwork. All that sanding. All that dust. All that …

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House Doctor: Shelve It

Home Improvement

The House Doctor is back. You wanted bookshelves and she’s here to give the people what they want.

Dr Manu had a lot of correspondence to deal with last week – and after looking through your comments and emails, she decided that shelving – bookshelves specifically was an area in which you wanted some home advice. So without further ado, take it away Dr Manu.

Books are always going to be cool. Sorry Kindle, but the shape, colour, texture and pattern of books make them elegant objects, as well as interesting reading material. The Kindle is somewhat…lacking. The more books the better – but how do you organize them? I’ve got a few ideas that will keep your books looking smart (and make you look smart by extension – even if you haven’t read them all).




Umbra’sconceal shelf is simple but dramatic: a thin metal shelf fixed to the wall which becomes invisible behind a stack of books. Pile them all up and there’s your trick.

And these Umbra conceal shelves are available on LLUSTRE.com now for an

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A Conversation With…Christian Bird of Edge of Belgravia


We caught up with Christian Bird – senior designer at international design and branding agency Design Bridge, just round the corner from LLUSTRE HQ in Clerkenwell. He is also the designer behind the fabulous Edge of Belgravia knives – whose design is as sharp as their zircomium oxide (yup, that’s right) ceramic blades.



I’ve always loved design, probably before I knew what the word meant. I was always drawing and making things as a kid. If you have strong ideas as your basis for doing something, you can make anything.


I met Freddie Ostland through a mutual friend.  I was really interested in his idea – to make really striking high quality kitchenware.Freddie had done a lot of research about ceramic blades and he really wanted to do a range of knives.  The brief was to design a knife you wouldn’t want to put in a drawer.  There are similarities to Alessi there, I suppose – kitchen tools that look so great you’d leave them out on display.

So Freddie and I teamed up.  My brother is a chef, …

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Ten Minutes With: Laura Seaby


Laura Seabys prints won’t fail to cheer you up: she incorporates typography, illustrations, and stylised icons to create a collection that is intelligent, fun with just the right degree of nostalgia.

Everything is bright and graphics, not to mention instructive and informative: you can’t argue with a tea towel that tells you to Brew Up, or with prints that offer an A-Z of London’s or New York’s highlights.



We were lucky enough to grab ten minutes with Laura, where she told us a little about her ambitions, canine aspirations and how printing and design are in her blood.

I MAKE In my personal work, illustrations, prints, tea towels. By day I’m a packaging and product designer.

I GREW UP in Swansea in South Wales.

MY WORK IS SPECIAL BECAUSE hmm, really hard to say. One thing I try to do is vary the style of my artwork and try different illustration and print techniques. Laser-cut is next thing I’m keen to try.

I KNEW I WANTED TO DO THIS WHEN I was much younger and started creating things and people around me encouraged me, so I just kept doing it!

When I WORK I usually try and design with …

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Ten Minutes With: Peter Richardson from Wren Bikes


Graphic designer Pete Richardson designed the Wren bike for his girlfriend, Jenny (Wren, obviously), who was frustrated by unwieldy and oversized city bikes. Launched last year, the Wren bike is a small wheeled bicycle that doesn’t compromise on design or ride quality and is built to last. A new cycling classic.

And Peter is an in-demand sort of chap: the Wren bike has been raved about in Elle Decoration and The New York Times (as well as on the LLUSTRE Journal, of course).


We spent ten minutes with Peter Richardson, to learn a little about his work, inspiration, and Robocop. Yep. This one comes with Robocop.

I MAKE bicycles, lovely bicycles.

I GREW UP: riding bicycles between YHAs in the Lake District

MY WORK IS SPECIAL BECAUSE: it’s well thought out and has the purpose. All my design ideas come from experience rather quick-fire concepts.

When I WORK I:
enjoy some peace and quiet. I KNEW I WANTED TO DO THIS WHEN: I couldn’t find a bike for my girlfriend and I knew there were others like her who were experiencing the same issues with bikes that were either too big, fell apart too easily or were a money-pit to …

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